Hot (but not) at Hale Kaheka

I’ve blogged about the merits of Hale Kaheka before, and how it’s surprisingly desirable despite being an older building. There’s a listing that came on the market just yesterday, and although listing agent Chad Takasue has already gotten calls, he’s going to wait until after Sunday’s open house to review all offers. (Click here for details.)

You see, units are rarely available for sale in Hale Kaheka, and two-bedroom units are almost impossible to get. This one, at 2205, is on the “cool side” of the building, which makes it even rarer still. The one drawback to being on this side of the building is the view—Diamond Head and city views, as opposed to ocean and mountain views. Again, though, in the wake of last week’s APEC-alypse, you would have been able to see the traffic conditions from here to determine when it was safe to leave home.

This unit is 877 square feet and has its original cabinets and doors in all of the rooms. The owner installed laminate wood flooring, new light and ceiling fan fixtures, and a Bosch washer/dryer. The bathrooms have new fixtures, and the tubs and sinks are refinished.

Since it’s not often you can get a glimpse of a two-bedroom unit here, here’s a video to show you the layout and size.

To read more about Hale Kaheka, click here. You can visit this unit on Sunday from 2 to 5 p.m.

Money talk: $459,000 fee simple
Contact: Chad Takesue, Prudential Locations, 808-227-4476,