Honolulu’s Newest Juiceries: Jugo Life and Shaka Pressed

This new era of juice is full of vegetables and fruits.

Oh, juice. Haven’t we been drinking juice since we were kids? Out of juice boxes and round Martinelli glass jars? (“An apple a day keeps the doctor away!”) So what’s the deal with the latest juice craze?


This is a different sort of juice—fresh (often made within hours or a day of drinking), cold-pressed (allegedly to preserve all the nutrients) and unpasteurized (same reason). While I’m skeptical about the health claims for juice, this new era of juice undoubtedly offers some delicious liquid refreshment … at a price. Most juices sell in the $8 to $10 range—expensive, but justifiably so: It takes a few pounds of veggies and fruits to make one serving of juice.


Two of Honoluluʻs newest juiceries:


Jugo Life


Favorites selections: Love (watermelon, pineapple, strawberry, fennel, lemon), Grateful (grapes, kale, cucumber, pineapple, pear, fennel, basil, lemon), Bliss (Brazil nuts, kale, spinach, dates, vanilla bean.)


What else? Raw vegan sweets such as Protein Balls, an energy ball of raw nuts, dates, cinnamon and cherries.


Where: 2463 S. King St., 679-8010, drinkjugolife.com


Shaka Pressed Juice


Favorite selections: The Roots (pineapple, carrot, ginger and lemon), Shaka Greens (kale, pineapple, celery, mizuna, bok choi, watercress, cucumber and lemon), and HorShaka (almonds, water, dates and cinnamon). For those wary of the high sugar content of most juice (from the fruits), try the Green Detoxer, with a bunch of leafy greens, cucumber, lemon and no fruit.


What else? Shaka Pressed also offers a housemade granola and salads such as the Shaka Salad, with quinoa and kale.


Where: 3118 Monsarrat Ave., 200-0921, shakapressedjuice.com


What sets the two apart? Mainly their unique blends. So it’s just a matter of personal taste.

One last thing:

Dear juiceries,

Please don’t throw the buzzwords on your label if it isn’t true. Local and organic apples, grapes and pears? I don’t think so.


The organic and local police.