HONOLULU Magazine’s Social Distancing Fitness Challenge: Stretch Your Mind, Body and Soul While You Shelter-At-Home

Strike a pose … yoga-na love it.
stacey at yoga
Stacey Tries out THE CLASSES OFFERED AT YOGA ROOM HAWAI‘I IN KAIMUKĪ for HONOLULU Magazine’s Open For Fitness blog.
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With many gyms and fitness studios closed through the month of April, we know it’s hard to find the motivation to move. We’re here to be your workout buddies. Every week, we’re going to release a new challenge for you to try, along with tips and tricks for staying active while practicing social distancing. While we’re all doing our part to flatten the curve, here are some ideas to help flatten some of our curves, as well. Let us know how you’re doing by tagging @honolulumag and #HIStaysFitAtHome.


I’m baaaaack! If you didn’t take any of my running tips 😭 and you’re hibernating like a Yogi Bear, these pointers will help stretch out your days—and hips—in a great way.


Tip 1: Home Stretch

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What helps me when I’m trying to get psyched for a yoga sesh (I usually do sculpt classes) is making my home workout space feel like a studio. Clear out objects in your living room or bedroom to give you enough room to stretch out and move around. Find the best place to lay your mat: I prefer a spot closer to windows and doors to welcome in the fresh air and sunlight. Ahhhhhh


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Tip 2: Free Your Mind (And Wallet)

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I’m a member of CorePower Yoga. During this time the studio is offering free online classes on its website, even if you’re not a member. Other gyms, including YMCA, also invite nonmembers to join in on free workouts. If you’re loyal to local instructors and crave their workouts (I follow @maxhanneman and @troy808) check out their personal Instas—they might be handing out freebie classes as well.


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Tip 3: Two and a Half Zen

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Many of the local yoga studios also offer meditation classes. Les’ be real, a moment of peace and serenity is worth more than Lysol right now. Sun Yoga Hawai‘i, YMCA, Open Space Yoga, and Still and Moving Center double up on workouts that include both yoga and meditation.


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Tip 4: Time to Focus

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Most yoga and meditation classes usually take place in the morning or evening—makes sense. Supercharging your body with good energy is a great way to start your day and shaking off stresses before you hit the hay is also smart. But during self-quarantining I say screw it. Work out whenever you’re feeling sh*tty. Sometimes I have a heavy deadline day and halfway through, I want to take a hammer to a wall. Instead, I find a quick online meditation exercise or yoga room to balance my energy.


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Tip 5: Friends with BeneFITs



You know you have that annoying, extra-perky friend who wants to work out together. In my group, THAT’S ME! Having someone else to get you out of your sweats and actually start sweating is good for you. So, set a regular time once a week to work out virtually with a friend and thank them for making you join Zoom exercise classes or online gym memberships with the promise of a drink later, because we will come out of our caves one day.


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