HONOLULU Magazine’s Social Distancing Fitness Challenge: Start Running to Get Out

Run, Stacey, Run: That’s what I’ve been doing since the shelter-in-place order started. So, our challenge to you this Thursday: Jus’ keep runnin’ before your beach bod turns into jiggly junk.

Uloha trail running

Photo: Courtesy of Uloha


With many gyms and fitness studios closed through the month of April, we know it’s hard to find the motivation to move. We’re here to be your workout buddies. Every week, we’re going to release a new challenge for you to try, along with tips and tricks for staying active while practicing social distancing. While we’re all doing our part to flatten the curve, here are some ideas to help flatten some of our curves, as well. Let us know how you’re doing by tagging @honolulumag and #HIStaysFitAtHome.


I have a teenage daughter, a deadline-heavy job and a middle-age metabolism that moves at a sloth’s pace. Running is not an option for me. It’s a necessity. My morning runs around my ’hood keep me calm, pleasant and somewhat fit.


So, when we got the order to stay indoors, I thought Tracy was going to come out. Tracy is my raging, swearing alter ego. Some refer to her as diablo. Luckily for my daughter, and those in my household, word on the street is that running on the sidewalks is still permitted. For the past few weeks, I’ve laced up my sneaks and taken advantage of the outdoor freedom I’ve had since things change at lightning speed right now. I did, however, make some adjustments to keep my social-distancing on track.


stir crazy


Tip No. 1

For street running, I’ve changed my times from early dawn to mid-morning. Elderly people tend to walk between 5 and 7 a.m., and I don’t want to “run” into them for their own safety. Plus, allowing them to have uninterrupted peaceful moments is good for their spirits.


Tip No. 2

I try to change up the scenery and find places that are more sleepy and comforting. I live in a very hilly part of ‘Aiea that is packed with city noise. Last weekend, I went to a neighboring town, parked in a residential area and jogged around the neighborhood. I only saw one other person coming my way during my 45-minute exercise. And because I was in a residential area, I could move off the sidewalk (almost in the middle of the street) to give the other person space. Another day, I traveled to my hometown, parked on the street of my childhood home and ran a path I used to run growing up. No other people were out at the time, and the run jogged some keiki-time memories and induced some feel-good strides. AGAIN, don’t go at peak times and obey the social-distancing orders.


forrest gump


Tip No. 3

For nonstreet running, we chatted with Matt Sorenson, store manager at Uloha Outfitters, and he gave some easy trail-running suggestions. “Beginning runners can check out Mānana Ridge and Waimano Ridge trails in Central O‘ahu. Both have some small hills, but flatter terrains. And, you don’t have to run the whole time. Taking longer strides on the challenging parts will keep your heartrate up.” He also recommends the Hau‘ula Loop Trail on the east side. “This one is easy too with a gradual incline. And it’s less crowded, if you really want to be alone.” For more information on hikes that are open, visit hawaiitrails.hawaii.gov.


Tip No. 4

Lastly, just in case you’re like me, running on empty and in need some mood-enhancing motivation, check out these pumped-up playlists on Spotify:

  • Covid-19 Quarantine Party

  • *covid-19 intensifies*


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