Two Honolulu Dancers Shake It Up in Vegas

He said, she said. Get to know besties Kent Shinomae, 32, and Christianne Moss, 23, who beat out hundreds from across the world to be cast last year in Michael Jackson ONE, a Cirque du Soleil production at Mandalay Bay.

By Stacey Makiya

Photos: Courtesy of Christianne Moss and Kent Shinomae

Christianne Moss And Kent Shinomae

How was it the first time you performed
in Michael Jackson ONE

KS: I was nervous, anxious and stressed—so many things going through my head, like remembering the choreography. It was a huge moment, and I was excited for it, especially since we trained for a month and a half, and now, getting to do it. When it was done, I was hyped to jump back onstage and do it all over again.

CM: The first show we did only involved us performing in one dance number. We started off withSmooth Criminal.” I was really excited to finally be onstage in front of an audience. I felt confident and ready. After the show, I was pumped up and just wanted to get back out there and keep dancing. 

Downtime must be precious (they dance two shows a night, five nights a week). What do you do in your off hours?

KS: I  take the opportunity to sleep in and catch a movie or show at a local theater.

CM: I spend a lot of my free time on FaceTime. My boyfriend still lives in Hawai‘i, and I chat with him often. We like to play online games together. I also have group FaceTime calls with friends where they catch me up on things I’m missing back home, and I fill them in on everything new for me. When I’m alone, I like taking long baths, doing skin care, lighting candles, etc.

Who would be your top three entertainers to dance with? 

KS: Justin Timberlake, Usher or any of the top K-pop artists like BTS, Twice, Stray Kids, etc.

CM: Rihanna, Ariana Grande and Chris Brown.

If you weren’t dancing, what would be your dream job?

KS: It would be to have my own performing dance company.

CM: I would love to be a professional choreographer. This is something I can see myself doing in the future following my career as a performing dancer.

What’s the first thing you do when you come back home for a visit?

KS: I spend time with my dad and go out for dinner at a yummy local restaurant.

CM: Spend time relaxing and talking story with my family. We go on boba runs!

How would you describe each other in three words?

KS: Supportive, adventurous and honest.

CM: Reliable, articulate and intentional.

If you had to give each other a nickname, what would it be?

KS: Miss Tenacious. I’ve known Christianne for over 10 years and have come to appreciate her tremendous tenacity in life. She is someone who never gives up and never stops trying in anything she sets her heart on. I love that about her.

CM: Kento Bento has always been his go-to nickname.

Kent Shinomae And Christianne Moss