Honolulu Casting Call: Flipping Hawaii

Show your (home) flipping style on national television.

If your family has a knack for finding diamonds in the rough and bringing them up to sellable condition, Colorado-based Orion Entertainment wants to talk to you. They're currently casting families or couples who are buying, remodeling, rehabbing and flipping houses on any of the islands of Hawaii.

Each episode of "Flipping Hawaii" will feature families or couples who find rundown properties. The crew will follow them in the complete process, from purchasing the property to renovation, design ideas, and staging, all the way to the sale of the newly-remodeled home.

If you'd like to be considered for the show, contact Nathan Grover at ngrover@orionentertainment.com.

Grover will need your name, company, phone number, email, and a short paragraph on why you should be considered for the show. You should also submit at least three samples of renovations your team has done, with photos, budget, timeline and final sale cost (bought and sold). The show would also like to know what your anticipated purchases, renovations, and sales in 2014 will be. Finally, you need to provide Grover with a photo of yourself and your family flip team members, or your entry will not be considered. This is, after all, TV.

Good luck!