Hippy Chic repurposes fire hoses in new men's belt line

Buckle Up

Hippy Chic Hero Belts

Operator: Fashion police. What's your emergency?

Caller: (frantic) My boyfriend's "I-like-em-baggy" pants are perilously close to falling to the ground! I've tried to dump them, but he's clinging on for dear life. I see no chance of letting go. You've gotta help me!

Operator: Whoa, take a deep breath. Now, if he refuses to cut those cords, there's only one thing that can save him. A fire hose.

Caller: … I'm sorry, did I call the right number?

Operator: I'm talking about Hippy Chic's new Hero and Super Hero belt line for men and boys, repurposed out of actual fire hoses. A local firefighter approached designer Dale Coarsey with several rolls that had been used and damaged. After experimenting with different cutters, grommets, and rivets, she transformed them into some pretty smokin' belts.

Caller: Hmm. That sounds a little risky. I don't know if my man can handle it.

Operator: Trust me, he'll want to. Coarsey strips the hoses down to layers of canvas and rubber, then adorns them with different buckles, hardware, and colored threads to highlight their authenticity. Some even sport the original labels of the stations they were used at. And, since Coarsey makes a slew of sizes, women can wear them as well.

Caller: Okay, that's pretty darn hot. Almost as hot as Sunday's epic Game of Thrones.

Operator: Yep, except this won't leave you totally burned.

$45 men's, $25 boys' (both come in sizes S-XL), with part of the proceeds going back to the Honolulu Fire Department. Hero and Super Hero belts are available at Muumuu Heaven, 767 Kailua Rd., and online. Update: Help the Hero Belt project expand to neighbor island and mainland communities! Check it out on Kickstarter through January 17, 2014.