Highlights of Gridiron 2011

One of my first blog posts for this site a year ago was a quick review of the annual Gridiron Show, after the fact. This year, I’m going to bring you some highlights of the show as a preview — the production runs tonight through Saturday — and I think they just released a few more tickets. Hopefully you got one of these coveted seats, as the Gridiron will be every other year from now on.

I got to watch the preview/dress rehearsal last night, but promised Robbie Dingeman that I wouldn’t reveal any key plot points so you can go to the show this weekend and still be surprised and delighted. I will tell you that some of the recurring characters have been changed or retired… so no more Dan Cooke in drag, sorry.

I took about 400 photos last night and distilled them down to about 20 to share with you. The rest will be posted to Facebook at the end of the weekend.

Gridiron 2011

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One of the funniest recurring characters is Donalyn Delacruz as Congresswoman Colleen Hanabusa. She’s back, doing the Waianae tita act and sporting a new haircut. Definitely a highlight.

Yes, it’s true, my niece, Ahnya Chang, has been the choreographer/director of the show for about five years now, but no one can accuse me of being biased when I say she does an amazing job with the Gridiron. Before I ever get to see it, various cast members who know (or find out) that we’re related will gush throughout the year about the incredible job she does. Here’s an exclusive interview with the director, plus an explanation of why it’s going to be a biannual show.

Gridiron Hawaii 2011: New & Unproven
Aug. 26-27
Diamond Head Theatre
To inquire about tickets, 800-745-3000