Here’s How You Can Help People Affected by Kīlauea

The Kīlauea eruption could last several more months, or even years. Here is how you can continue to help families affected by the volcanic activity as well as floods on O‘ahu and Kaua‘i.
Kīlauea fissure eight
Fissure eight, the main source of the current lava flow, continued to erupt on Sunday. It has not lasted as long as the 1955 eruption, which went for 88 days, but it has produced more lava daily.
photo: Courtesy of u.s. geological survey


As the recent Kīlauea eruption heads into its third month, it appears the flow that has destroyed more than 700 buildings and covered more than 6,000 acres will not end anytime soon. In a report to the Hawai‘i County Civil Defense released July 15, Hawaiian Volcano Observatory says "If the ongoing eruption maintains its current style of activity at a high eruption rate, then it may take months to a year or two to wind down." The report continues that while that is most likely, a pause or abrupt stop could also occur. 


While the stories of families who have lost their homes and communities have fallen off the front pages, hundreds still need help. Here are ways you can still give to people affected by the volcanic activity on the Big Island, as well as flood victims on Kaua‘i and O‘ahu.


  • The American Red Cross of Hawaii is sheltering dozens of evacuees. Donate directly to the local branch online at