Here’s How to Eat Girl Scout Cookies Like a Real Adult

An award-winning sommelier shows you how to enjoy Girl Scout cookies at home.

This story was originally published in March 2017.



Wondering what adult beverages go best with your favorite Girl Scout cookie? We were.


While milk is the obvious choice for all ages, HONOLULU Magazine likes to think outside of the box. So we asked award-winning sommelier Chris Ramelb, former wine director at Restaurant Senia, to pick just the right wine or beer to go with six types of Girl Scout cookies. Watch the video above to find out his favorite picks. 


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Ramelb now is the restaurant sales manager for Southern Glazer's Wine and Spirits, and he’s got fond memories of Girl Scout cookies, though he’s never tried to pair them with wine.


“Of course, I grew up eating Girl Scout cookies. I still remember sneaking out of my room past bedtime to eat frozen Thin Mints with my father, while watching SportsCenter,” Ramelb says, adding, “It says something about somebody when all their memories are related to food. I guess that’s why I’m a sommelier.”


His choices may surprise you. Sure, he recommends some lovely libations you're only likely to find at restaurants. But we asked him to pick some beverages that people could pick up at the supermarket, or Tamura’s or Fujioka’s.


Ramelb gave us some general tips, in addition to specific selections. Great wine doesn’t have to cost a fortune. The bottles we picked up from Tamura’s ranged from $6 Sam Smith to a $30 sherry. The prices quoted are an estimate. And for dessert pairing? Always make the drink sweeter than the dessert.


He says asking for a big rich cabernet sauvignon with your cheesecake is kind of like asking the chef to candy your steak at the end of the meal. Just don’t do it.


Girl Scout Cookies and Wine Pairing



1. Trefoils ($5) + Saracco Moscato d’Asti ($15.29)​

2. S'mores ($6) + Campbells Rutherglen Tokay ($17.49) 

3. Tagalongs ($5) + Filippo Gallino Birbet N.V. ($18)

4. Toffee-Tastic ($6) + Lustau Capataz Andres Deluxe Cream Sherry N.V. ($29.99) 

5. Samoas ($5) + Belching Beaver Brewery Great Lei IPA ($8.49) 

6. Thin Mints ($5) + Samuel Smith Organic Chocolate Stout ($5.89)


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