Hello Seoul!

10:45 a.m. Friday in Seoul = 3:45 p.m. Thursday in Honolulu. Snow on the rooftops, chance of flurries, high of 34 today. Anyunghaseyo, Seoul!

I haven’t been anywhere faraway and exotic in so long, I’m hyperventilating about everything. First, the flight, Hawaiian Air’s first-ever to Korea (80 passengers on a 264-seat plane, score!).

Then, finding my hotel: Twenty-one degrees isn’t so bad until you’ve been standing outside for 10 minutes trying to hail a taxi on a block full of people trying to hail taxis.

Finally, the prospect of my first day in Seoul, starting with a traditional lunch of imperial dishes at Korea House, courtesy of Hawaiian Airlines, then the other end of the spectrum: an overwhelming array of street food truly worth busting your gut for. Highlights of food adventures in the next blog.

It’s my first trip to Korea, and the clock is ticking on my 72 hours. Seoul, here I am!

Honolulu to Seoul

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Wednesday morning at Honolulu International. Cloudy and rainy, until Rev. Daniel Akaka Jr. chants a blessing for the new route. Then the skies begin to clear.

Disclaimer: Round-trip air provided by Hawaiian Airlines.

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