Hawaii: In Real Life ~ Visiting Nohoana Farm

On my recent trip to Maui, I had the opportunity to attend a Slow Food workday at Noho’ana Farm. The Slow Food group worked the lo’i, or taro/kalo field, learning everything about how it’s planted, harvested, and used to eat. It was the perfect place to learn, since it’s run by Hoku’ao Pellegrino, a young man who teaches kids from all over the state everything about everything to do with taro.

I was so intrigued with Hoku’ao and his farm, I shot about 200 photos and several 10-minute video segments. In the interest of time, we distilled my visit down to 5 minutes in this video:

You can also see the rest of the video blog post at HawaiiIRL.com. If you want to see the raw footage, check out HawaiiIRL’s youtube channel.

Can’t access the video? Here’s a quick gallery of my visit to Noho’ana. Hopefully, one day you’ll have an opportunity to visit, as well:

Hawaii: In Real Life ~ Noho’ana Farm

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Noho’ana Farm: an oasis back in Waikapu Valley on Maui. It’s an idyllic place to have a lo’i, or taro farm, as there’s a stream that runs through it to water the field and goes straight down to the river below.