Hawaii: In Real Life ~ Tesoro fuels Special Olympics dreams

Every day this week through July 1, a different Tesoro station will be lowering its gas prices from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. During that time, law enforcement personnel will be volunteering to wash your windows and help you pump your gas. More importantly, while you’re there, you can make a donation to Special Olympics to send their athletes to the summer games in Greece, and get discount coupons, a T-shirt, and more.

What’s up with this win-win-win situation, and how can you get some cheap gas? Here’s a quick video we shot at a Tesoro station yesterday, while I pumped Super grade gas at $3.85 a gallon. And yes, my cameraman Russ Sumida left the bloopers in.

You can hear more about this promotion with Tesoro, and other Special Olympics programs you can get involved with during the year, at Hawaii IRL.