Hawaii: In Real Life ~ So you think you can shuffle?

Ever heard of shuffling? It’s the biggest dance craze to hit the country — many countries, in fact — that takes an energetic spin on classic 1980s moves, like the moonwalk and the robot, where dancers glide around the floor. Basically, it’s the way that popping and breakdancing have evolved.

It’s become so popular, there are contests to see who can do it best, and there’s no shortage of contestants. Since my friend Blaine Fergerstrom’s son, Alex, is into shuffling, I thought I’d check it out. There’s a contest coming up this Thursday, July 28, at SoHo Mixed Media Bar, which is the first of many throughout July and August.

I talked to Jeffrey Williams, the promoter of the upcoming “Mobi PCS So You Think You Can Shuffle,” to find out more about this dance craze and how people could enter and/or watch.

The sample in the video was pretty quick on the basics, but you can see an extended demo from Koala Kut, Rush Kut, King Pin Kut and Smooth Kut here:

If you want to see a full demo from the boys and an exclusive interview, visit HawaiiIRL.com.

Mobi PCS So You Think You Can Shuffle
Thursday, July 28
9 p.m.
SoHo Mixed Media Bar
Email SoYouThinkYouCanShuffle@gmail.com to enter the contest; $500 cash prize