Hawaii: In Real Life ~ Poppy’s Coffee

I’m always looking for convenient, friendly places to “coffice,” so I was delighted when Poppy’s Coffee (@PoppysCoffee) opened up in my neighborhood. They took over the old Happy Cakes spot about six months ago, and one of my neighbors, Amber Watt (@Tiabla), recommended I try their coffee.

I stumbled in amidst a caffeine-deprived stupor, facing Tina and Poppy, a cheerful, peppy couple serving up coffee and cupcakes. Once I woke up, I could see that the former cake store had become a neighborhood joint: Tables and chairs? Check. Free parking? Check. Free wifi? Check. Electric outlets? Check. (In limited supply.) Best of all, 80s music in the background? Check.

They open daily from the crack of dawn till dinnertime (check with them for the hours, as they’ve gradually extended since they first opened) and you can coffice as long as you want. And I have.

I usually drink the foofy coffees on the menu, so Poppy showed me how easy it is to make a caramel macchiato at home — with a little lesson in how to cut the calories.

Tip: Get a stamp card. After five drink stamps, you get the sixth one free — and that can be any drink you want. I’ve used the free pass to get a large triple-shot latte!

We talked some more about what else is at Poppy’s Coffee and what they’re all about. Visit HawaiiIRL.com to find out!