Hawaii: In Real Life ~ Indigo

If you haven’t heard the buzz in the last week, Indigo — the Eurasian restaurant in Chinatown that had been closed due to a fire — has not just reopened, but has a new menu. When a locker room fire damaged the restaurant three months ago, owner/chef Glenn Chu wasn’t sure if he would re-open. Personal and financial challenges made him reassess his business, and he even had a bit of a garage sale where he sold off a lot of equipment.

Well, he’s back, now with the help of chefs Bob McGee (yes, that Bob McGee) and Dave Cruz (of the musical Cruz family, number three of 12). Their names are on the menu, but if you ask any of them if they’re the new/executive/full-time chef, they define Bob and Dave as chef consultants. They won’t admit to being there long term, as they have other projects going, but will say they’re committed, creatively, to Indigo for the long haul. Here’s a quick chat with them after lunch service yesterday:

Glenn took us through the restaurant to show us some of the new physical changes while talking about how he got to this point in re-opening. Visit HawaiiIRL.com to see more!

Indigo is open Tuesday through Friday for lunch and Tuesday through Saturday for dinner. The lunch buffet ($15.95) is still available, now in the Green Room. Most of the menu has been revamped, although Glenn has kept influences from the previous favorites, like the sauces and spices. Since it’s only been open for three days, the menu will probably undergo a few more tweaks — the lunch menu prices, in fact, are already changed — but you can get a taste of the direction they’re moving with the items we tried, below. Items are listed with the lunch price first, then the dinner price.


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Look what’s cooking at Indigo! From left: Glenn Chu, Bob McGee, and Dave Cruz talking story after lunch service.

1121 Nuuanu Ave.