Hawaii: In Real Life ~ Angelo Pietro

Ted Tokunaga We went to Angelo Pietro (@PietroHawaii) recently and found that they have some new menu items — pretty good ones, at that! — and were impressed to find the chefs there often plug in new dishes to add excitement to their menu. The most recent set is comprised of six pastas and three appetizers.

If you’re not familiar with Angelo Pietro: it’s from a chain of restaurants in Japan that introduced Hawaii to the concept of Japanese-style pasta 31 years ago. You can choose the noodle to go with their selection of toppings and sauces, which was a novel idea at the time. They’re best known for their raw potato salad, which is served in a mountain of long shreds with your choice of Pietro dressing — which got so popular, you can buy it at Longs.

We sat with Pietro’s chef Ted Tokunaga to check out four of the new pastas and learn more about his work there.

We also talked story at HawaiiIRL.com with Ted to get tips on ordering pasta with their unusual sauces, find out about their weirdest order, and see what else is going on at Angelo Pietro. It was pretty informative! If you’d like to see still photos of the four new pastas, click here.