‘Hawaii Five-O’ Recap: ‘Ua Hala’

Whoa. After catching up to last week’s action-filled episode involving the Yakuza and Wo Fat, I was positive that the Season 2 finale would no way match that episode’s intensity. I’m so glad I was proven wrong.

The writers did an excellent job bringing the dirty cops storyline full circle and forcing Chin to make a decision no one should have to make. It was like “Sophie’s Choice,” island style. Not only that, we finally learned that Shelburne is indeed real and someone who no one could have expected. With this season’s conclusion, fans are no doubt already counting the days to Season 3.

Here’s the final look at The Good, The Bad and The Weird for Season 2.

The Good

  • Grace Park in a bikini in the opening scene. Male viewers soon will be needing to replace worn out “Pause” buttons on their remotes.
  • Chin’s interaction with his wife, despite being brief. Sometimes, we forget these characters have lives outside of the police force. Of course, his wife becomes a key player in the plot to follow.
  • Bringing back Tom Sizemore and Billy Baldwin to re-introduce an early Season 2 story line as well as Chin’s sketchy past. Did the writers have this story arc in mind from the beginning? If so, my hats off to them. Brilliant way to end the season.
  • Terry O’Quinn is back, and he has answers. Finally!
  • An order of tofu shrimp sounds really good right about now.
  • The female villain? Hottest bank robber ever. Well, after Val Kilmer in “Heat.”
  • Kamekona bringing Max a “Live Long and Prosper” balloon in the hospital. A man should always remember the little details. Major brownie points.
  • Danno taking his daughter to Diamond Head lookout. I’m revealing a little information about myself here, but that is my personal “go-to” place to think and sort things out. Also, a very effective location for dates.

The Bad

  • Come on, a toothpick? Really? If you’re not Chow Yun Fat, you’re not going to pull it off.
  • Beginning with last week’s episode, I never could believe that Kono would date Adam Noshimuri. How does a romance like that even start? “Hey, Kono, I know my dad’s a big-time crime boss and murderer and everything, but damn, you’re hot! Let’s go out!” “Uh…I’m supposed to arrest guys like you, but…I never could resist a bad boy. Okay!” Not to mention he ties her up and leaves her in an empty house. Yeah, he’s marriage material alright.

The Weird

  • Hey, I didn’t know HPD was right across the street from Taiyo. I bet those cops grind chicken katsu curry and kim chee fried rice every night. Don’t forget to order the gyoza set.
  • Kono rocking the “Farrah” hairstyle. I kinda dug it.

Well, that’s it for Season 2. It was an up-and-down season, but despite all the nitpicking we do, fans love the show for showcasing the islands and are grateful that it’s on the air. Thanks everyone for reading my recaps each week, and see you for Season 3!