‘Hawaii Five-O’ Recap: ‘Ohuna’

Sorry, “Hawaii Five-0,” but two wrongs don’t make a right.

In what was supposed to be a tearful reunion between Mommy McG and his annoying little sister, all I could think was why should I care about two characters I never felt belonged in the first place? McG’s little sister, Mary, has never proved to be a meaningful character in the show, and we all know that Mommy McG was just added on to extend the now overplayed Wo Fat storyline. And now we’re supposed to care that they finally meet up? I don’t think so.

Besides the forced “Terms of Endearment” moment between those two, the episode was yet another routine procedural with inexplicable actions and predictable outcomes.

Here’s this week’s look at The Good, The Bad and The Weird

The Good

  • “Live long and perspire” – McG to overly sweaty geek informant
  • Kono gets a little spotlight this episode by kicking some butt.
  • Um….is that it? Really? Oh wait, forgot one. No Michelle Borth.



The Bad

  • Why is the dad using a GPS to find his way back home? Who does that? Going to the prison, I understand, but getting back home? Local roads no stay that complicated, brah. Again, convenient plot device by the writers for the sake of the story.
  • Speaking of convenient plot devices, was there any reason for the older hacker brother to teach his complicated password to his little brother? None I can think of. Except again, for the convenience of plot.
  • Who says “aloha” when meeting a little kid in their home?
  • Cop gets a call to check out a suspicious situation at a residence where 5-0 officer Kono is supposed to be. Homeowner lady answers the door and says everything’s fine, but she has an obvious huge bruise on her right eye. Still, the office walks away as if everything’s fine and doesn’t question anything. Right…. must’ve been late for a two-for-one sale at Regal Bakery.
  • Kono demands that the bad guys release the hostages or she won’t divulge the password they’re looking for. The bad guys for some reason comply. Um, how about if they start killing the hostages off one by one instead? I’ll bet she would talk then. Sigh….
  • Can someone please tell me what the purpose of that old man in the wheelchair was? I still don’t get it.

The Weird

  • Cameron from Ferris Beuller (Alan Ruck) playing the father of a mischievous child. That’s what’s called closure. Oh wait, or is it irony? Something clever like that.
  • When I saw the little brother continuously playing on his tablet PC, all I could think was that he would grow up to be a serial killer. That was before I realized he was autistic. Wait, he was, wasn’t he?
  • Russell Wong as the Kong Liang brought back a lot of painful memories. When I was in college, all the Asian girls I knew were crazy about him. He set a standard so impossibly high that of course I ended up with no luck with women. Yep, I blame Wong for my lack of success with women in college and I’m sticking to that story!
  • Who else thought that when the informant said that he wanted “total impunity” instead of “total immunity” for snitching to 5-0 it sounded right? I still think it does.
  • Why were there so many people in Cameron’s house that day anyway? Who has 19 people over to their house?