‘Hawaii Five-O’ Recap: ‘Lana I Ka Moana’

Episode 3 of Season 3 finds McGarrett and Danno stranded in the ocean after a boat jacker interrupts their fishing trip, as if the two needed any more bonding time. After a totally unnecessary shark side story and seemingly endless hissy fist from Danno, they find a stranded yacht with a dead body. Once back on shore, they discover that the dead man is the owner of the yacht who was murdered by a former security guard whom he got fired. A fairly straightforward whodunit story ensues.


“Lana I Ka Moana” was not a terrible episode, but didn’t provide anything memorable either. I was actually relieved that there wasn’t any Wo Fat reference, which is a first, and also that the mention of McGarrett’s mom was kept to a minimum. Here’s a look at The Good, The Bad and The Weird from this week’s episode.

The Good

  • Kono displaying her martial arts skills as she takes down the murdering boat jacker.
  • Sorry, that’s it for this week. As I said, not a very memorable episode.

The Bad

  • Are we really supposed to believe that McG was going to tow Danno and that dinghy 40 miles to shore? Who is he? Aquaman?
  • And since when did Danno get this whiny? I’ve always enjoyed his snarky humor, but today he was just plain annoying. If I were McG, I would’ve knocked him out just so I could have some peace and quiet.
  • McG needing to recover from cramps after just 30 seconds of swimming. Again, he was going to tow them 40 miles? Really?
  • Guest start Cynthia Wathos as the yacht owner’s wife. I didn’t like her on “Lost” and didn’t like her here either. Not a strong actress.

The Weird

  • “Prenups have killed more people than cancer.” — Danno. Only on TV.

Next week, Christine Lahti returns as McG’s mom. After her first appearance resulted in the lowest-rated show in the series history, I’m guessing (hoping) she doesn’t stick around for long.