“Hawai‘i Five-0” Stars and Fans React to the Season 7 Premiere in Waikīkī

Why 7,000 people—including Dog The Bounty Hunter—went to Waikīkī beach Friday night.
Hawaii Five-0
PhotoS: James Charisma 


A crowd of thousands of visitors and residents alike turned out for the seventh-season premiere of Hawai‘i Five-0 Sept. 24 at Queen’s Beach in Waikīkī.


Before the new episode aired on the big screen, former Hootie & the Blowfish lead singer Darius Rucker took the stage with a live musical performance. And, as always, Hawai‘i Five-0’s biggest stars hit the red carpet, posed for photos, and met with fans.


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For the seventh premiere, Alex O’Loughlin (who came straight from shooting a recent episode), Daniel Dae Kim, Chi McBride, Jorge Garcia, executive producer Peter Lenkov, writer Eric Guggenheim, Dennis Chun, Taylor Wily, and others turned out for the party. Even elusive Scott Caan came by to greet fans and join the event.


Daniel Dae Kim, Hawai‘i Five-0’s Lt. Chin Ho Kelly:

“For Chin, he’s got a new love interest. The first one since he was married and lost his wife. And he’s also got a little girl in his life as well, so that’s a new character and a new relationship. On the show, I like the fact that there’s become a real camaraderie among the main cast. There’s an ohana. Behind the scenes, we’ve all formed our own and that’s been nice, to have a second family.”


Jorge Garcia, Hawai‘i Five-0’s Jerry:

“I’m most excited about the episode I’m about to shoot. It’s a huge JFK conspiracy episode, and you’ll meet someone else that’s a like mind for Jerry and that’s pretty good. I also like the Halloween episodes, that’s always fun. You get a cool costume and you get to sort of celebrate the holiday early.” Message to the fans: “Fingers crossed, let’s hope [Jerry] gets the badge this time!”


Dennis Chun, Hawai‘i Five-0’s current Sgt. Duke Lukela and Officer Wade in the original Hawai‘i Five-0:

“It’s always exciting to be here. And to still see these many people after seven seasons, in this location with a sunset like that, it makes you deeply appreciate all this, and being in Hawai‘i. [This season,] there’s going to be some exciting and meaningful stories about ohana. It starts with a scene tonight featuring a very special person.”


From the cast to the producers to the fans, we’ve got some clues about what keeps this Hawai‘i-based show rolling:


LaShawn Kincaid, a fan and first-time Hawai‘i visitor who also made her own Hawai‘i Five-0 T-shirt:

“Just flew in, I got here today. I’m here to see Alex O’Loughlin! He plays my favorite character, Steve McGarrett. When I got hooked on the show, I watched some of the other stuff he’s done in the past, like Three Rivers, Moonlight, and I actually was like, he’s a really good actor! But as Steve McGarrett…he’s hot! Have you seen his abs?”


Rocky Paglesia, first-time Hawai‘i visitor:

“My wife Claudia and I, we’ve been watching Hawai‘i Five-0 ever since it came on. I remember the original. I love the action and the stories, and I just love it here. It’s always been our dream to come here, so for my wife’s birthday, we’re here. Would love to meet the whole cast. Especially Grace Park.”


Peter M. Lenkov, Hawai‘i Five-0 showrunner and executive producer:

“No premiere is ever the same. I’m always blown away that these people come out. A lot of people travel here just for this. For me, this never gets old.”


Eric Guggenheim, Hawai‘i Five-0 producer and writer:

“We have an unbelievable parkour chase in this first episode, I don’t think we’ve ever seen anything like it on television. It’s pretty amazing, and there’s an incredible cameo in the opening scene of the show tonight. Hopefully people really like it.”


Taylor Wily, who plays Kamakona on the show, talks about his character:

“I like that he’s a good guy, and that he represents the local people.”

  Hawaii Five-0

Alan Keisner, a local resident and longtime Hawai‘i Five-0 who brought a 1968 vinyl record of the soundtrack from the original Hawai‘i Five-0. All he needs are two more signatures to have a perfect set of autographs from the stars:

 “There are three famous Hawaiian sayings: come to the islands to enjoy the spirit of the people here and the beauty of those people and that word is ALOHA! However, if you come to harm the people of Hawai‘i and to break the laws of Hawai‘i and the United States, that phrase is BOOK ‘EM DANO! And if you come to enjoy the beautiful ladies of Honolulu, the word is SPY SEE!”


Carter Kirby, a local resident: 

“I’m basically here to get any selfie [with an actor]. To be honest, my favorite part is recognizing the areas because I live here. So just seeing how they change the names of certain places. Like the ‘Bank of Oahu.’” [Laughs]


Jennifer Stevens, a local resident (and big Alex O’Loughlin fan): 

“I’m most excited to see Alex O’Loughlin, he’s my favorite. I mean, I like the other actors, but he’s definitely my favorite. I’m a big fan.”


Jeremy Stevens, a local resident: 

“I’m here to see all the characters. Me and my pop always watch Hawai‘i Five-0 every Friday night.”


Duane “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Chapman: 

“I’m a very big fan of the show. What am I most excited about seeing most tonight? The episode!”