Hamburgers…at Hank's Haute Dogs?

It used to be that every second Wednesday at Hank's Haute Dogs was the only time and place to get a good burger in Kakaako. Of course, that's no longer true, with The Whole Ox right around the corner, but if you can wrestle yourself away from that dry-aged burger, you'll find that Hank's burger is well worth the stomach space.

It's also a half-pound burger, simple in every way in except one, a small detail that sets it apart: Hank's sprinkles a seasoned powder (the exact ingredients are a secret) on the patties before grilling, which gives it a great crust and char. Not too densely packed patties grilled to a medium makes for a juicy burger. Perfect paired with the duck fat fries.

Hank's Haute Dogs, 324 Coral Street, 532-4265,