Green Drinks

A not-so-typical pau hana.

At first, it looks like a usual bar scene.  But if you zoom in, you’ll notice that the drinks are actually made with organic spirits, and conversation topics veer from permaculture to solar power, rather than football and America’s Next Top Model. 

This is Greendrinks, a social-networking event for the ecominded that takes place monthly at E&O Trading Co. More Islanders are looking for ways to get a little greener, and Greendrinks provides them a good excuse to come together.

These events are part of an international movement that began in a London pub in 1989, with a spontaneous meeting of ecoconscious fashion designers. Since then, it has spread to more than 300 cities around the globe. Laurens Laudowicz, co-founder of 100% Green, a sustainability consulting company, organized the first Honolulu meeting in 2007. “I e-mailed about 25 friends and clients, and about 20 showed up,” he says. “By the next month, we had over 100 people, just from people forwarding that original e-mail.” 

Greendrinks meets at E&O Trading Co. at Ward Centre on the first Tuesday of each month, starting at 5 p.m. Just say, “Are you green?” and you’re in.

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