Grand opening pics: AirBuggy

This isn’t normal content for Nonstop, but I’m blogging about this new store for personal reasons. You see, I have a smart, athletic, handsome, foodie-in-training grand-nephew who is about a year and a half, and if he lived closer to me, a good chunk of my paycheck would probably go to showering cute stuff on him. And I tend to prefer Japanese products, because no one can make more kawaii stuff than the Japanese. (Except maybe the French.)

Well, on Friday, the first AirBuggy boutique in the U.S. opened at Waikiki Beach Walk (@WaikikiBeachwlk). AirBuggy was first created by Meiko Iida, fashioned after the American Baby Jogger. It’s as light as a baby jogger with wheels that absorb shock, and has a lot of interchangeable parts so it can carry more and function as a regular stroller in various conditions. I didn’t know until my niece told me, but it turns out many parents have two to three strollers, depending on the occasion. AirBuggy seems like it offers the best of all worlds, so although these are high-end strollers, you may save money by cutting down on extra stroller purchases. (Base model is $480.)

The store also carries a lot of baby accessories, as shown below. I tried to control myself at the grand opening, but have vowed to return with the baby in tow to see what he likes and what fits. In the meantime, I was texting photos of things to my niece, and finally decided to just post the photos here so she can see the items.

Grand Opening: AirBuggy

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Here’s the main collection of AirBuggys, which come in several colors. These sit on a main frame that can be changed to hold baskets for groceries or domes for pets instead.

Lots of Hawaii and Japanese media turned out for the grand opening, which was catered by Kaiwa next door. Stay tuned for a future blog post on Kaiwa’s “uramenu.”

Grand Opening: Air Buggy

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Waikiki Beach Walk ~ 227 Lewers Street, 2nd fllor