Goodbye John

John Heckathorn passed away this morning. He launched the Biting Commentary blog, though it’s really such a small slice of his influence.

I spent three years trying to meet John Heckathorn. At the time, I had no idea my path would lead me to food writing. I just wanted to meet the man who helped illuminate Honolulu's dining scene for me, a new transplant from San Francisco. I don't remember at what event we finally met; in following writers, when you finally do meet them, it feels like you've known them forever because you've read their thoughts for years. With John, this was especially so because in person, he was immediately open, talkative, generous, as if we had been old friends, instead of me just being his food-obsessed stalker. So in truth, I knew him for a very short time, but it feels much, much longer. But not long enough. John, I'll miss you and I wish we could have shared one more cocktail.