"Get a Job!" at HIFF

The 30th Annual Hawaii International Film Festival begins this Thursday, October 14 and runs through October 24. Here we’ve listed all of the locally-made films, visit hiff.org for the full schedule. And, we talked to three of the filmmakers to find out what it was like to film in Hawaii.

Get A Job!

Director: Brian Kohne
Producer: Stefan Schaefer
Screenwriter: Brian Kohne

Cast: Eric Gilliom, Willie K., Carolyn Omine, Augie T., Jake Shimabukuro, Henry Kapono Kaaihue, Amy Hanaialii, Kealoha, Charles Kaupu, Ernie Cruz Jr., Kathy Collins, and Alakai Paleka. Special appearances by Mick Fleetwood, Willie Nelson, Pat Simmons (Doobie Brothers.

William (played by Willie K.), a former musician, now works as an employment agent on Maui. His job is in jeopardy when he fails to find work for Merton (Eric Gilliom), a local guy who only wants to surf. To make matters worse, William’s longtime girlfriend is hassling him to get married. The movie follows William and Merton and the obstacles they run into while trying to find a job for Merton.

Get a Job is from partners Brian Kohne, Stefan Schaefer and Kohne’s Maui-based company, Malama Pono Productions, and  features local comedians and entertainers. “This project is entertainment, pure and simple. In a perfect world we demonstrate to people in Hawaii that it is possible to make compelling films and tell stories about us that the world will want to experience,” says Kohne. He is proud to have worked with some of Hawaii’s top entertainers. “Eric Gilliom can be absolutely funny, and is an actor at his core. I always felt that Willie K. could play drama at the highest level. The world is not going to believe how good he is,” says Kohne. “I am hoping in the coming years our industry friends on the Mainland spend a bit more time finding these gems when they decide to portray Islanders in television and film.”

Watch Get a Job at Dole Cannery Oct. 16 and Oct.23. For more information, visit www.getajobthemovie.com. For a complete schedule of HIFF movies, visit http://hiff.org.


Here we’ve listed all of the locally-made films, visit hiff.org for the full schedule:

ACM Night short films

Oct. 22

Watch six short films from students of UH Manoa’s Academy for Creative Media. The stories depict life in Hawaii, the Pacific and Asia.

Chasing Rainbows

Oct. 16 & 21

This documentary made in Hawaii focuses on the gay rights movements and provides a forum for both sides of the issue.


Oct. 16 & 24

Ecila is a reporter who is caught in a “wonderland” with villains and anti-heroes.

 Get A Job

Oct. 16 & 23

A comedy based in Maui starring Willie K. & Eric Gilliom, this film follows an employment agent who is trying to employ the most unemployable man on the island.

 Holding Fast the Dream

Oct. 23

This film uncovers the history of African Americans in Hawaii.

One Kine Day

Oct. 18 & 23

Set in Windward Oahu, slacker-skater Ralsto trudges through on of the most da kine days of his life. A dramatic comedy of young adulthood.

One Voice

Oct. 15 & 23

This film follows Kamehameha Schools’ unique cultural tradition—its song contest.

Mana I Ka Leo: Power of the Voice

Oct. 16 & 23

Documentary that examines oli, the Hawaiian tradition of chant, through the eyes of three contemporary practitioners.

Papa Mau: The Wayfinder

Oct. 16 & 23

Director Maalehu Anthony shares the story of Papa Mau, a master navigator and teacher.

Out of Infamy

Oct. 23

A documentary about the incarceration of Japanese-Americans during World War II.

Pacific Panorama short films

Oct. 23

Includes eight short films from New Zealand, Samoa and Hawaii.

Student Showcase

Oct. 23

A free screening of the best videos produced in Hawaii by students in grades K-12.

Those Who Came Before

Oct. 16

A story of 83-year-old Eddie Kamae’s musical journey from bandleader to oral historian.

Under a Jarvis Moon

Oct. 17 & 22

Documentary about a secret 1935 U.S. Navy project to send Native Hawaiians as colonists to remote Pacific islands.