Garden Party

Succulent arrangements, bouquets and corsages by Bloom

Gotta look good together.
Enough space to grow.
Low maintenance, please.

You like your plants the way you like your men. Which is why when you find the one for you, fussy, dime-a-dozen flower arrangements aren’t coming anywhere near that wedding. You’re much better off leaving the clichés in the dirt and going with the unique succulent creations of Elisha Hunter, the designer behind Bloom.

Hunter, a townie who also works a full-time office job, started tending her creativity in February with the advent of her succulent side business.

Now, she’s expanding the Bloom plot into the world of weddings, with new event and corsage pieces that will help you sow a unique aesthetic into your day. The sturdy, gorgeous succulents sit front and center, but Hunter accents them with sprays of delicate, deeply colored flowers. She then adds fun details such as sheet music- or burlap-wrapped stems, old-fashioned key charms and Scrabble pieces spelling out “Love.”

Of course, succulents need less TLC and wilt more slowly, so they’ll last “forever and ever, till death do you part.” And if you know your plants are going to stand that test of time, you can start focusing on the important stuff: the honeymoon.

Check out Bloom at Art and Flea in Kakaako on Thursday, June 26. To see more of her work, visit the Bloom Instagram, or contact Elisha directly at