FUUD: Bruno’s Forno in Chinatown


The one thing I miss about working in downtown is the lunch scene.

There are so many restaurants, coffee shops and takeout spots to choose from, serving everything from sushi to vegetarian curry.

So when I get a chance to meet up with friends who work in corporate Honolulu for lunch, there’s no hesitation.

This week I met up with my guyfriend Jon to check out a little Italian spot that opened a few months ago in Chinatown.

Bruno’s Forno, owned by Mix Cafe’s Bruno Iezzi, is a takeout Italian eatery located next to the entrance of Maunakea Marketplace.

It’s menu — written in chalk on the wall — isn’t very extensive, with European-style sandwiches and pastas, but what it lacks in options it makes up in flavor.

Here’s what we ate (all taken with my iPhone 4, by the way):

Outside Bruno’s Forno

Picture 1 of 10

Bruno’s Forno opened a few months ago to rave reviews. Those who love Mix Cafe — same owner — will dig this place, too. (It’s just hard to find.)

Bruno’s Forno,1120 Maunakea St. #186. Phone: 808-585-2845. www.brunosforno.com, @brunosforno


Calling all downtown lunchers!

We’re looking for your picks for the best lunch spot in downtown and Chinatown. E-mail me directly at cat@nonstophonolulu.com, send me a tweet @thedailydish, or post your picks here!


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