From Our Files

The December archives from our files of Paradise of the Pacific and HONOLULU Magazine.

Our History

In 1888, King Kalakaua issued a royal charter, commissioning a magazine. Then titled Paradise of the Pacific, this publication became HONOLULU Magazine, making it the oldest magazine west of the Mississippi.



“As far as our knowledge extends, Hawaii is the only place in the world where the game of football, king of college sports, is played in bare feet under official American football rules,” observes Paradise of the Pacific, predecessor to HONOLULU Magazine. The first barefoot game took place in 1922, the players weighing in at 145 to 150 pounds. The games were played at Palama Settlement, with 3,000 to 6,000 fans cheering the athletes on. “Apparel consists of denim or khaki trousers, uniform jersey and athletic supporter. Over half the players use neither shoulder pads nor headgear. Coaches never hesitate a moment to pull any player out of the game on display of the first evidence of fear.”



“A year and a half ago, Tom Selleck was a virtually unknown actor trying to make a living in Los Angeles,” notes HONOLULU. “Today, he is the star of one of America’s most successful new TV series, Magnum P.I.” The magazine talks story with Selleck at the old Hawaii Five-O studio in Diamond Head, where many of the indoor scenes of Magnum P.I. were filmed. The actor dishes about romantic rumors (he doesn’t like The National Enquirer’s snooping ways), about being a sex symbol (“It’s very flattering,” he says) and about being Thomas Magnum (“It’s a physically demanding character to play”). Selleck played Magnum for eight years, and after a career that includes Three Men and a Baby, is currently starring in the CBS show Blue Bloods.



“All the world is a stage, especially if you’re an actress. And goodness knows you’ve got to dress the part,” notes HONOLULU Magazine in this actress-themed, winter fashion spread. The model dons her finest on stage at Hawaii Theatre and at dinner at the Kahala Moon Café. “She tries to have a quiet dinner, but with her black knot cardigan from St. John, she definitely gets noticed. The super star is mobbed at the door by photographers, while her director, wearing Giorgio Armani, tries to fend them off.”