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In 1888, King Kalakaua issued a royal charter, commissioning a magazine. Then titled Paradise of the Pacific, this publication became HONOLULU Magazine, making it the oldest magazine west of the Mississippi.




“The brilliant pineapple pageant is to be presented in its rich and historical mounting, at the height of Hawaii’s pineapple harvest season, Oct. 5 through 8,” writes Paradise of the Pacific, the predecessor to HONOLULU Magazine. The pageant took place in Wahiawa—the heart of pineapple country—and was produced by the Wahiawa Community Association. “It became the job of everyone in the community to shoulder some part of the giant production.” Army wives sewed costumes, schoolchildren sang and plantation engineers  constructed a stage big enough to hold 300 performers. “More than 25,000 people came out to the Wahiawa pageant. It was a triumph for the country town.” 



“Bishop Museum’s visitor pick-up and delivery service is proving vastly popular since its inception this summer” notes Paradise. “Until the coming of the express bus, those five miles could dissipate an hour of precious time each way—the regular bus route is circuitous.” The silver bus, part of the Honolulu Rapid Transit Co., provided transportation. It was free to visit Bishop Museum, including a guided tour by the Kamehameha Alumnae Association. Today, admission is $17.95, and there is no longer museum-provided transportation; however, TheBus’ City Express B offers a nearby stop for Waikiki visitors.






Baba Kea. Remember the two-color prints, the simple clean-lined tent dresses, and the super-graphics on sturdy cottons? “If you’ve lived in the Islands for at least 10 years and have kept on eye on fashion, no doubt you’re able to envision dynamic Baba Kea prints in vivid color,” writes HONOLULU. The magazine reminisces about the early pieces designed by Baba White, the woman behind the label. Baba Kea had its first breakthrough in 1967 when the line landed its own department in Liberty House. White also created uniforms for the employees of Aloha Airlines, Hilton Hawaiian Village and Liberty Bank.