Fresh BYTES: Eat This – the sequel


I love to eat. Who’s surprised?

Having been in the food scene for a good portion of my life and a professional eater for just a tad longer than that, the questions I most often get asked are, “Where should I go to eat?” and “What should I order?” Generally, after an endless barrage of questions from my end, I’m able to deliver a list of restaurants, eateries and menu items that would take the healthiest appetite weeks to consume. So I started to think to myself, why not jot this down?

Honolulu is quickly becoming a destination for fantastic eats and sought-after dining experiences. But with the constant swell of new eateries in the city, who stands out from the crowd? Here now; in no particular order, I present some of my top local must-eats.

House-Cured Salmon Toast – $12

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Not sure which component I like best, the fatty salmon with fresh dill, creamy ricotta or the spicy radish, watercress & parsley salad. All these flavors work so well together, creating the perfect, albeit giant, bite.


280 Beachwalk Ave.


Here’s Part 1 of my Eat This series