Four High-intensity Workouts in Hawaii

With high-intensity workout classes becoming increasingly popular, we sent senior editor David Thompson and design director Erik Ries out to try a few. Thompson wore a heart rate monitor and Ries—while stopping frequently to gasp for breath—snapped photos


David’s maximum heart rate: 154

The Power Yoga classes at Power Yoga Hawaii may look like they’re happening inside a sauna, but the steam fogging the windows is generated entirely by the sweating yogis within. This vigorous 90-minute class encourages fluid transitions from one pose to the next, with a concentration on smooth, even breaths.
510 Pi‘ikoi St., 457-7106, Sliding-scale donation, $15 recommended.

David says: “I love challenging vinyasa classes like this that leave you feeling calmer, clearer and, with all the back bends, taller.”

Ries says: “I was kind of afraid I would pass out.”



David’s maximum heart rate: 158

The new UFC Gym B.J. Penn offers dozens of classes that will leave you drenched in sweat, including Kickass Kickboxing, a mashup of mixed martial arts moves set to blaring electronic dance music.  A revved-up instructor leads the room through 50 minutes of hooks, jabs, uppercuts, kicks and other imaginary blows. It’s like old-fashioned aerobics with fists flying.
805 Pohukaina St., 672-2655, Classes free with membership.

David: “I was too slow and uncoordinated to keep up with the hyperspeed pace, so I just did jumping jacks and watched.”

Ries: “I’ve been told I have rhythm, but this class made me feel like I was not pretty fly for a white guy.”



David’s maximum heart rate: 171

Boot camps are popping up everywhere, including 24 Hour Fitness, which has a gym in the basement of our building. Participants in this particular Boot Camp class are divided into teams of two, which work their way through a grueling series of polymetric and high-volume resistance training, with lots of lap running and high-fiving in the mix.
Multiple locations, Classes free with membership.

David: “Hurting made fun.”

Ries: “The push-ups with that ball thing just sucked. Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucked!!!!!”



David’s maximum heart rate: 177

As every Russian strongman knows, no matter how fit you are, the kettlebell always wins. But with good form, which is what the Kettlebell Small Group Training at MOVE Fitness and Training offers, you can swing those cannonballs with handles a lot longer than you could otherwise.
863 Halekauwila St., 397-3280, Single session $35, six sessions $180, first-time participants $10. Space limited, call ahead.

David: “Great workout, but my form wasn’t the best. Now I’ve got kettlebell bruises on my forearms and biceps.”

Ries: “My acupuncturist told me to take a break, so I just took photos then went home to lie down.”