Foodie films @ HIFF: Where to eat after

Foodie films @ HIFF

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By Mari Taketa

We’re scarred, we are, by this recurring vision of funk: It’s October, it’s HIFF season, and we’re in a theater enthralled by scenes that have just played out. Luscious food, exotic stories, all entwined and making us drool. Closing credits roll, we’re staring at each other with one burning question, full of desire: Where can we get that same exact food now?

Nonstop is here to save you, foodie film buffs, from the crestfallen confusion of your nightmares. For you we scoured 214 film synopses, and for (most of) the six droolworthy films we found, came up with equally droolworthy restaurant pairings.

Spoiler alert: Two movies defied even our vaunted skills. For the rest, sit back, enjoy, drool without worry. Here’s where to get that food.