Fluro Swimwear launches Etsy shop

Coasts and Ties

Lei Chic Just three more days until Fall. Leaves start to turn. The air gets crisp. Birds flock south.

Oh, wait. Nope, none of that happens here. Let's try this again.

Just three more days until Fall. Warm, sunny days continue. The air stays humid. Surfers flock to the beach.

Which means it's the perfect time to refresh your wardrobe… with some new swimsuits. Good thing Fluro Swimwear, an Art & Flea regular, just opened a brand-new Etsy shop this week.

Fluro, a play on the word fluorescent, reflects designer Lauren Kagimoto's love of color. The fine arts and digital design graduate searches far and wide for bold, eye-catching fabrics and prints, then transforms them into comfortable, hardware-free swimwear with fun twists. Our favorite of the bunch: a quad-string coral zebra print bikini top that can be knotted into intricate straps.

Lei Chic Kagimoto encourages mixing and matching, so feel free to pair a striped top with an eggplant or olive bottom. Most bottoms are also reversible, so you can switch up your look whenever the mood strikes – or, say, if you have an awkward Brenda and Kelly prom moment on the beach. Which probably won't happen since Kagimoto buys very limited quantities of each fabric.

Keep an eye on Fluro's Etsy shop; Kagimoto plans to add more styles soon and, eventually, men's board shorts.

Which may or may not be reversible.

You know how picky men can be.

$45 each, bikini tops and bottoms. Click here to visit Fluro Swimwear on Etsy or shop in person at Art & Flea, Thursday, September 27, 5-10 p.m. at Fresh Cafe, 831 Queen St., $3 entry fee.