Floral and event-design company Passion Roots shares flower arranging tips

A Bed Of Roses

Photos: Crystal Chanel Photography

Your apartment decorating to-do list has been backlogged since you moved in—two years ago. Time to call in the emergency Aesthetic Reserve.

Give your space some much-needed TLC with nature's remedy: a fresh floral arrangement. Shilhi Seibel and her team from the floral and event-design company Passion Roots are experts at brightening your abode with blooms. See their tips below to nip this addiction to drab in the bud, once and for all.

Get choosy:

Buy flowers whose blooms are closed. This will allow them to last the longest as they open. Avoid wilting flowers.

Avoid purchasing flowers located in the front of a store. The temperature changes and the air pattern from the opening and closing of the door add extra stress to the flowers, shortening their lifespan.

Use foliage from your own backyard. You might be surprised at how beautiful a roadside weed can look in an arrangement.

Consider carnations. They’ve gotten a bad rap over the last decade or two because of their cheap and non-original identity. In truth, they come in amazing varieties of colors and textures, and have great longevity.

Play with different shapes and textures. When you use the same color family, add a variety of textures to create depth and interest.

Get creative with your vessel. Purchase a vase you love and think of it as a part of the design of the arrangement. Better yet, scout in your own home for something that can be repurposed. The Passion Roots team has used items like wooden trays from home goods stores. A white bowl can be a cereal bowl, and a wooden bowl can hold an arrangement one week, fresh fruit another.

When arranging:

Put foliage first. Many people think that foliage is last to be tucked into an arrangement. By placing it first, you create a base for the arrangement.

Add one to three main flowers. These are main blooms in your arrangement. Group them in clusters, just like how flowers grow in nature.

Choose an accent flower to sprinkle throughout your arrangement.

Passion Roots just added a tab for customers to order arrangements under their Green Trunk line, whether for gifts, birthdays or any occasion. Choose a color family to base your arrangement off of here. Pick-up is from their design studio in Waimanalo, or they can deliver for an extra fee. Call 228-6303 for more information or email them at hello@passionroots.com.