Five smoothie ingredients to give you a health boost, plus where to find them

A Notch Above Nutrition

Purple Rain from Da Spot

There are good things, and there are really good things. Seeing the new 300 sequel as a subtitled Chinese bootleg copy on your friend’s laptop? Good. Seeing it in 3-D at the theater’s preview showing? Really good! Drinking Lipton iced tea in bed while reading The Princess Diaries? Good. Going to champagne high tea at the Halekulani? Uh, really good!

Since you’re all about leveling up, don’t settle for “good.” Especially when it comes to healthy food: You don’t want carrot sticks. You want superfoods and deliciousness! Hop off to one of these smoothie and juice bars and get a taste of awesome and healthy all in one fell swoop.

Mila—a blend of chia seeds—is a favorite add-in at Diamond Head Cove Health Bar because of its high protein, omega-3 and fiber content. We tried it with the Kulolo smoothie, made with coconut milk, agave, bananas, soymilk and paiai, a pleasantly nutty Island blend. Try it in one of their juices or acai bowls, or even their new bowl using pitaya—aka dragonfruit, also packed with a ton of healthful benefits.
$7 Kulolo, add $1 for chia seeds, Diamond Head Cove Health Bar, 3045 Monsarrat Ave., #5, 732-8744

Kombucha is a sour-tasting fermented tea containing probiotics, which are said to clean your insides, aid digestion, help combat colds and perk up your energy reserves. Whether you believe in superfoods or not, we recommend Leahi Health’s homemade Guava Ginger Kombucha. Combined with other yummy fresh fruits and veggies, it makes for a rejuvenating pick-me-up. Try Leahi’s King Green, made with kombucha, kale, spinach, ginger, pineapple and banana.
$5, Leahi Health, 341 Waialae Ave., 224-2607

Acai, the famous Brazillian superfood, is known for being full of antioxidants and other goodies that keep your heart and digestive system healthy. You can get products with acai anywhere from Jamba Juice to Costco nowadays, but we like the Purple Rain smoothie from Da Spot. It’s made with a vibrant mix of berries, banana, grape juice and house-made acai sorbet, making it almost as gorgeous as it is good for you.
$3, Da Spot, 2469 King St., 941-1313

You already love avocado in guacamole form, but did you know that it’s chock-full of fiber, potassium and a ton of vitamins? Some eat it to lower cholesterol, and it also has a healthy dose of “good” fats. At Bambu in Keeaumoku, the smoothie makers use fresh ingredients in their simple, sweet and utterly delish creamy Avocado smoothie—in portions large enough to share. They also carry exotic flavors such as durian for the more adventurous.
$4.45, Bambu, 745 Keeaumoku St., 949-0288

Kale’s high levels of vitamins A, B and C and protein and its recent trendy status as the Cara Delevingne of leafy greens have made it a staple in restaurants and farmers’ markets. At Hiblend Health Bar & Cafe, it comes fresh twice a week, straight from a local, no-spray farm. The Tropical Trip smoothie includes it with spinach, mango, pineapple and almond milk—we also added some Swiss chard to really make this green beast sing. Talk about getting your daily serving of veggies!  
$6.75, Hiblend Health Bar & Cafe, 661 Keeaumoku St., #105A, 721-7303