Field Guide: King Street

On this little strip, learn to pray Shinto style or how to protect your pup from ticks.

Photo: David Croxford

Daily Bread

If bread was separated into two categories, sweet and savory, we’d recommend sticking with the sweet side at this delightful bakery. The chefs keep things simple with a walnut loaf that is fluffy with a little crunch, and sweet pastries that aren’t too decadent and a little out of the ordinary, such as guava fan danishes. They’re heavenly on the inside and crispy on the outside. 1618 S. King St., 951-6634.

Photo: David Croxford


King Street Hospital
This animal haven was opened in September 2006 by Dr. Shelby Young Goo, who has been practicing veterinary medicine for 19 years, and Richard Fujie, who has 25 years under his belt. The duo decided to team up after previously working together in other veterinary clinics, allowing for “a good yin-yang thing,” says Young Goo. They care for your best friends from birth to death, and say they see mostly cats and dogs, but also get exotics, such as Jackson chameleons and chinchillas. 2016 S. King St., 951-7777,

Photo: David Croxford


Restaurant I-Naba

The minimalist décor—paper lanterns and austere sliding doors—matches I-Naba’s soba noodles, which are made daily with flour imported from Nagano. This place is a little pricey, but the soba is killer. The soba sets come with veggie shoyu rice, and an array of tsukemono (“pickled things”). The tempura—we recommend the pumpkin—is lightly fried, making it crispy on the outside while still tender on the inside. 1610 S. King St., 953-2070,


4. Did You Know?


How to pray Shinto style: (1) Bow two times; (2) Clap your hands two times; (3) bow one more time. The Hawaii Ishizuchi Shrine, 2020 S. King St.




Photo: David Croxford


Mana Bu’s Homemade Japanese Musubis and Sweets

This is no ordinary musubi stop. Mana Bu’s offers white rice, brown rice, okowa sweet rice, and original 10-grain-blend rice musubis, which are filled with everything from the staple Spam to unconventional combinations like curry pilaf. Husband-and-wife duo Manabu and Fumiyo Asaoka label each homemade musubi concoction with the origin of the ingredients. The musubis are not only healthy, they are also delightful to eat, with just enough moisture and not at all greasy. 1618 S. King St., 358-0287.



Photo: David Croxford

J’s Knicknacks

Ever wanted to make time stop? Maybe that’s not possible, but you can at least preserve your memories—J’s Knicknacks is a scrapbooker’s paradise. This small, corner shop is packed tight, leaving barely any room to meander through the rows and columns of stamps, colorful paper (Bazzill cardstock), pens, stencils, paper frills, Mickey font and character cartridges, and on and on and on. For the beginner, J’s Knicknacks hosts scrapbooking workshops, and for the very obsessed, J’s Knicknacks keeps a blog,, that alerts you to the arrival of new shipments. 1869 S. King St., 941-2312.