Festive Holiday Cards and Gift Wrap from Wrappily, Lauren Roth, Hontas Higa and More

Send season’s greetings and deck out your gifts the Hawai‘i way with cheery island-inspired designs.


From doves throwing shakas and gingerbread hula dancers to gorgeous protea-lined wreaths, I can’t get enough of the fun, Hawai‘i-minded artwork featured on this year’s batch of locally designed cards, wrapping paper and gift tags.


See below for my favorites of the bunch. Heck, these are so stylin‘, they’d even be fab gifts themselves!



Lauren Roth Credit Lauren Roth

Photos: Lauren Roth


Lauren Roth

From left: Holiday Illustrations 8-card pack, $36. Holiday Striped 8-card pack, $36. laurenrothart.com, @laurenrothartboutique



Hontas Higa Credit Hontas Higa

Photos: Hontas Higa


Hontas Higa

Top: Hawaiian Floral gift tag 10-piece set, $8. Sending Love card, $5. Gecko gift tag, 10-piece set, $8.

Bottom: BTS Wishes card, $5. Tree topper gift tag 10-piece set, $8. Sandman card, $5.

hontashiga.com, @hontashiga



Formidably Impressed Credit Chris Balidio

Photos: Chris Balidio


Formidably Impressed

Top: Mele Kalikimaka Holly card, $5.50 or $24 for 6-card set. Merry Christmas Wreath double-sided wrapping paper, $11 for 3 sheets.

Bottom: No Peeking Until Christmas masking tape roll, $12.50. Season’s Greetings card, $5.50 or $24 for 6-card set.

formidablyimpressed.com, @formidablyimpressed



Nico Made Credit Nico Made

Photos: Nico Made


Nico Made

Top: Holidays Royal Proteas card, Mele Kalikimaka White Flowers card, Warmes Wishes Beach card, all $5.50 each or $24 for 8-card set.

Bottom: Season’s Greetings Jasmine Field card, $5.50 or $24 for 8-card set. Season’s Greetings Jasmine Field gift tag, $10.50 for 10-piece set.

nicomade.com, @nico_made_hawaii



Wrappily x Foodland Credit Foodland

Photos: Foodland


Wrappily x Foodland

Shaka Doves Palaka Plaid reversible newsprint wrapping paper, $7 for a 3-sheet set. Available at various Foodland locations, foodland.com, @foodlandhiwrappily.com, @wrappily



Kg Set 1200x800px

Photo: Kris Goto


Kris Goto

Holiday 8-card set, $30. krisgoto.com, @kgotoart



Left Right Design Credit Left Right Design And Keri Cooper

Photos: Left Right Design, Keri Cooper


Left Right Design

Top: Holiday Nene card and Mele Kalikimaka card, $5 each.

Bottom: Jingle Shells card, $5, Monstera Wished card, $2.50.

leftrightdesignshop.com, @leftrightdesign


Bradley And Lily Credit Bradley And Lily 3

Photos: Bradley & Lily


Bradley & Lily

From left: Gingerbread Hula letterpress card, $4.50 or $16 for a 6-card set. Mele Kalikimaka Hale card, Nene Kalikimaka card, both $3.50 each or $14 for a 6-card set. bradleyandlily.com, @bradleylily



Design Jord Credit Design Jord

Photos: Design Jord


Design Jord

Top: Hao‘uli Holiday wrapping paper, $5 for 20-by-29-inch sheet. Red Hibiscus gift tag, $5 for a 5-piece set. Anthurium sticker, $5. Hawaiian Wreath gift tag, $5 for a 5-piece set.

Bottom: Sunset Hibiscus gift tag, $5 for a 5-piece set. Lilac Island wrapping paper, $5 for 20-by-29-inch sheet.

designjord.com, @designjord



Red Thread Artistry 2 Credit Red Thread Artistry

Photos: Red Thread Artistry



Red Thread Artistry

From left: Mele Kalikimaka Tree card, $5, Mele Kailikimaka Wreath card, $5, 12 Days of Christmas in Hawai‘i card, $5. redthreadartistry.com, @redthreadartistry



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