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Photo: Olivier Koning

“From Souvenirs to Saks”
December 2013

Senior editor David Thompson’s piece on the last days of the International Market Place continues to draw letters from fans of the old Waikiki landmark.

I literally just found out this news today from a friend of mine who is going to Oahu in a week. I almost want to cry! Me and my wife first visited Hawaii two years ago, and it was one of the most wonderful experiences we ever had. Our hotel was literally across the street from the Market Place, and so we spent almost every day there, buying trinkets, eating Blue Water Shrimp and watching night shows. It was truly magical. Maybe to the locals it’s grungy and touristy, but for us, it was a great place to buy from local merchants and get a decent meal and entertainment for very little. So sad to see a part of old Hawaii disappear to a mega corporate store that you can find in almost any large city in the U.S. It’s a real sin to see this cultural landmark uprooted for money. Hawaii, have you no heart and soul?
—Francis Fung | via Facebook

Quote Unquote: Gilad Janklowicz” 
February 2014

Photo: Adam Jung

We interviewed the longtime exercise guru to find out what he’s been up to, and whether he’s ever eaten at McDonald’s. (“Never,” says Gilad.)

Gilad has been a regular part of my fitness routine since 1992. His workouts are timely and effective—thanks so much!
—Paula Jenkins | via Facebook

We love Gilad and have worked out with him since the ’80s. My husband lost 45 pounds and has kept it off all these years thanks to his workouts.
—Kim Fantich Karvelas | via Facebook

I’m 59 as well and in great shape! I have worked out with Gilad for the past eight years and have learned some great moves that I use in my own routines! Gilad is my 2 p.m. workout daily and after dinner I do my own workout!
—Liz Dix Low | via Facebook

( Ahana koko lele )

In our March feature on East Honolulu, we mistakenly wrote that the Waialae Drive-In Theater was replaced by Zippy’s. In fact, the land on which the theater sat is now occupied by a public storage facility. Zippy’s replaced the Jolly Roger restaurant at the corners of Hunakai and Waialae under the H-1 Freeway.