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“Biting Commentary: Is It Ethical To Eat Meat?” May 9, 2012

In an entry on her daily food blog, Martha Cheng tackled the ethics of meat-eating, concluding, “The more educated we become, the more complicated the world gets.”

Before farmed animals reach our plates they are confined in cages and stalls so small they are unable to comfortably stand up, turn around, lie down, or extend their limbs, they have their tails chopped off, teeth ripped out, are castrated, and are inflicted with third-degree burns, all without painkillers. Farmers have been documented stabbing animals with pitchforks and beating them with crowbars. Finally, at slaughter, many animals have their throats slit or are scalded alive while they are fully conscious. As a civilized society, it is our moral obligation to protect all animals from needless cruelty.


It’d be great to donate all our money to the poor, volunteer to help the homeless, and eat locally produced sustainable organic produce, but let’s face it, there are things that make us feel good about ourselves, and then there are things that make us feel good. Eating meat makes me feel good; eating kale makes me feel good about myself. There are tons of decisions we make in our lives that are completely selfish but we can’t live a life completely selflessly either. There’s a balance, and sometimes the best you can do is try to be conscious about eating properly raised meat.




“Afterthoughts: Auto Anxiety,” June 2012

Managing editor Michael Keany mulled the question of whether to buy a car or stick to riding a bike around town.

I applaud you for bicycling and scootering around town. I’ve been carless for seven years now and don’t intend to own one again. It’s freedom to not own a car. I ride my scooter from Pearl City to town and back daily. The weather is awesome here. I’ve been carless on the Mainland in San Antonio, Portland and Albuquerque, and the peer pressure is worse on the Mainland. I’m currently contemplating getting an electric scooter/moped for here. We will see; $0.00-$0.30 a mile is very good. I’m 45, have my MBA and love the scooterist lifestyle. I hope you remain carless and consider the alternatives I have recommended.


Ahana koko lele

In our June Best Doctor’s list, the contact information for Dr. Kevin Dawson should have been listed as: Queen’s POB 1, 1380 Lusitana St., Suite 412, 599-3780 (accepting new patients).

In Martha Cheng’s April Dining column on Nico’s, the people pictured on page 103 should have been identified as Sean Martin, Juliana Chaize and Nico Chaize.

David Thompson’s June story on coqui frogs was missing a credit for photographer Josh Fletcher, who shot all the photos for the feature.

In our June Shops department, the website for Megumi-O sunglasses should have been listed as