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The number of donkeys that still need homes, according to Bird McIver, who began a wild-donkey adoption program last fall on the Big Island. “A donkey sanctuary is in the works, but, so far, only in the planning stages. So we need private landowners to step up,” he says. You can read more on this in“The Burden of Beasts,” here.





"The New South," May 2011

Thanks for sharing this update on Andy South. I was so impressed with him on Project Runway. Not only is he an amazing talent, but also, as the article states, he comports himself as a gentleman. I was appalled by the xenophobia expressed by Nina Garcia during the finals judging and her comments about his “Oriental-ism” in the design showing. It gratifies me to see that South has landed so well on his feet and is continuing to share his great gift with the world. I expect to wear your clothing for many years, Andy.





 “The Death of Public School: 10 Years Later,”  May 2011  

After a decade of reform promises, has anything changed in our state Department of Education? We took a look at what’s next for our public schools.

Please, please keep up the excellent work in covering the disaster that is Hawaii’s public school situation. There is no story on this island that begs for coverage and action more than this one. Yet you are the only media source that consistently dedicates the resources to provide the unvarnished facts and analysis; and, evidently, the only one that has the political will to hold HSTA and DOE accountable for what is Hawaii’s very ugly reality. I hope the governor and Don Horner receive many, many copies of this article from Hawaii voters. It wouldn’t hurt if the Secretary of Education received a copy as well.  As unpleasant as federal intervention would be, maybe it’s the only way to avoid wasting yet another generation of children by refusing to educate them.





"Afterthoughts," May 2011

In her column, Kathryn Drury Wagner confessed a forbidden passion in “Food for the Eye.”

I love that there’s a catalog for fake food. To be honest, I’d probably be buying it too, if it weren’t so pricey. And, yes, I have checked.






“So what is the difference between shrimp scampi and garlic shrimp?”

—Join the foodie conversation, read reviews and get the latest restaurant gossip in John Heckathorn’s column, Biting Commentary, at




Ahana koko lele

In our May story, “The Secret Life of Storage,” we misspelled the name of personal trainer Abraham Concepcion. In our June “Best Doctors” listing, under Pediatric Ophthalmology, it should have been noted that Dr. Rupa Wong, of the Honolulu Eye Clinic, is accepting new patients. Wong is located in the Queen’s POB II, Suite 806, 526-0030.