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“Building Kapolei” July 2010

In his Editor’s Page, A. Kam Napier discussed how most people who live in Kapolei don’t work in Kapolei, but would really like to.

You answered the very question of why Kapolei doesn’t  work. Even with all the tax breaks, taxpayer-funded infrastructure, political posturing to get city and state agency offices to move there, and plenty of free parking, the second city is second rate. Kapolei resembles Any Suburb USA, with its freeway off-ramps, mini-malls, oceans of asphalt and tract housing.

The model for Kapolei is based on a 50-year-old idea of what constituted good planned development when gas was 35 cents a gallon. The suburban community model no longer appeals to a growing contingent of homebuyers who want mixed-use, carless options, a sense of history and walkability to services, none of which are available in Kapolei. There is a reason Honolulu grew into a city, and there is a reason Kapolei will remain a bedroom community. It is time to move away from car planning and start some real people planning.


When more businesses and more state and city government services make the leap to Kapolei, then, and only then, will Kapolei be more than an oversize, underserved village.



"Kamehameha IV and the Shooting of Henry Neilson" June 2010

Photo: istock

“Good story! Never heard it before and always find fascination in the lore/history of our homeland.”



"From Our Files" February 2010

I’m one of the people who is not the least surprised to hear about the Hawaiian Wax Museum, because I remember it well. I learned my first lessons in Hawaiian history from its scenes, seeing likenesses of notables such as Queen Liliuokalani and Princess Kaiulani, Bernice Pauahi Bishop and Sanford Ballard Dole. My folks and I passed the museum numerous times on our way to Duke Kahanamoku’s nightclub, where I was occasionally a guest singer on the Don Ho Show. So the Hawaiian Wax Museum is a truly cherished component of my childhood memories, and the starting point for a passionate interest in Hawaii history that has endured throughout my life. Mahalo for making mention of it.



Ahana koko lele
On page 49 of our July 2010 issue, we stated that Island Pacific Academy is the only private K-through-12 school in Kapolei. This is incorrect. American Renaissance Academy is also a K-through-12 private school in Kapolei.