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2009 Photo Contest Winners, Nov. 2009

Check out the winners of the 2009 HONOLULU Magazine/Hotels & Resorts of Halekulani Photo Contest.

“It would be good to know what the judges look for when selecting the winning photos for your annual photo contest. Your readership cannot figure out how some photos were selected as winners. In the future, if you would post each judges comments with each photo so that we can try and see what they saw in the winner’s photo.”                 



“Getting Away With It?” Nov. 2009

Oahu has almost 50,000 outstanding bench warrants. What’s the holdup on serving these warrants? Our assistant editor, Tiffany Hill, found out. 

I just want to compliment your reporter, Tiffany Hill. As deputy director, I gave her unfettered access to my deputy sheriffs and to myself. She did her due diligence, got the facts right and did a great job of putting it into print so anybody with a modicum of interest could understand it. I have received numerous comments from individuals who read the article and expressed their newfound appreciation for the task that is on the backs of the Sheriffs’ Division and the Honolulu Police Department, and what the numbers really mean.



Talk Soup

One of the most viewed and commented-on parts of our Web site is our Best of HONOLULU pick for Best Ramen, Gomaichi Ramen. Here’s an excerpt of a much longer thesis on Hawaii’s best ramen:

Excellent soup. I had very high expectations based on many resources. The waitress recommended Standard One Tan-Tan with Char-Siu. I expected it to be spicy, but it is not too spicy. It is smooth, tasty and easy. I enjoyed, left the establishment and reflected: How good was it? Good enough for a return (esp. to try the Sung Hon Men variety), but I’m not as gaga as some.

Another great soup, when combined slowly, and sporadically, with provided accoutrements is everyone’s fave, Hamura’s in Lihue. Not only is the “special” great, but so is the homemade manapua (go early, and on the right day), and you can end the meal with a refreshing shave ice, all for under $10. I want another bowl of soup now. It’s been eight hours!



Calling all History Buffs

Each year, HONOLULU Magazine partners with the nonprofit Historic Hawaii Foundation to compile a list of the state’s most endangered places. (To see our most recent list, see our November 2009 issue at The Historic Hawaii Foundation is accepting nominations now through Feb. 5 for the 2010 Preservation Honor Awards. These awards recognize exceptional efforts to perpetuate, rehabilitate, restore or interpret Hawaii’s architectural, archaeological and cultural heritage. If there’s a person, project or program you’d like to nominate, the forms are available at, by request from the Historic Hawaii Foundation office at 523-2900 or via e-mail to