February 2020: Table of Contents

Aloha Aina Rising
Image: Aaron K. Yoshino



Lāhui Reawakening

It’s the largest movement since Native Hawaiians fought the military bombing of Kaho‘olawe in the 1970s. Now the visibility of the conflict over Maunakea has rallied the lāhui to stand up against projects across the state and reenergized a more-than-century-old battle.

by christine hitt


The Great Walls

As Pow! Wow! Hawai‘i celebrates its 10th anniversary, a HONOLULU staff photographer looks back through his lens at some favorite images.

by aaron k. yoshino


Best Dentists

HONOLULU Magazine helps you find the dentist you need, whether it’s for a routine checkup or more specialized work, with this list of the best dentists in the Islands. 





In a town full of characters, it’s not always appropriate to point and comment. This month, feel free to do so at the Hawai‘i Convention Center.


February Picks

There’s no time for slacking in the new decade: 2020 is a leap year so go on and squeeze some concerts, races, comedy and more into this 29-day month.

By Katie Kenny


Turning the Page

Don’t book the Hawai‘i Book & Music Festival just yet—it’s changing months, moving locations and shaking up its lineup with new events, which may include TED-type Talks, concerts and a student Fringe festival.

By Don Wallace


Overheard: Changing Tides

Lifeguards Capt. Paul Merino, 65, and Lt. Jason Patterson, 48, have guarded O‘ahu’s beaches for nearly 70 years. They monitor two different parts of the island—Merino in Waikīkī and Patterson on the West Side—but met many years ago at one of Merino’s clinics at Mākaha Beach Park. The pair talked story about the lifeguard lifestyle, the challenges of the job and a move to extend their hours on watch.

By Jayna OMaye


Da Meter

Gauging what’s hot and what’s not in Honolulu.


Calling All Kalo

Kōkua Kalihi Valley’s Roots Café introduces Honolulu’s first CSA box to emphasize cultural starches.

By Martha Cheng


From Our Files

HONOLULU Magazine emerged as Paradise of the Pacific in 1888, commissioned by King Kalākaua himself, making it the oldest continuously publishing magazine west of the Mississippi. Here’s a dive into our archives.

By Katrina Valcourt




Playing Footsie

Our latest crush: the season’s chic square-toe shoes.



Making Waves

Of One Sea designer-on-the-rise Maryam Fortuna launches a swell new womenswear collection.



Sense of Space

Sig Zane’s new Chinatown shop, next to Sig on Smith, fashions new opportunities for the Hilo-based brand.



Shop Talk

Your closet will be filled with joy (and new threads) courtesy of these store openings.




Field Guide

Kahuhipa Street

Drink just-brewed beer, buy fishing gear, fix something and eat old-school Japanese food in Kāne‘ohe.

by robbie dingeman



HONOLULU Magazine February 2020 Cover
Photographer Olivier Koning captured this image on Kaho‘olawe in 2013.
Photo illustration: James Nakamura.

‘Ono: Food and Dining

Reviews of Honolulu’s most beautiful new bakery, a new smash-burger joint and the return of Hamada Store.

by Martha Cheng and Katrina Valcourt




Editor’s Page: Cover Story

It’s become a common sight across the Islands. But the decision to put this flag on our cover was not a simple one.



Afterthoughts: Let’s Make a Deal

The most interesting things I found on Facebook Marketplace.

By Katrina Valcourt