February 2019: Table of Contents

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Pod People

Meet the people behind seven local podcasts gaining listeners.

by Emily Benton and JAMES CHARISMA


Big Changes in Little Kailua

Redevelopment, social media and presidential publicity all lure more tourists than ever to this once mostly residential Windward O‘ahu town, pumping up retail business, traffic congestion and housing prices, leaving some residents feeling squeezed out of their hometown. So where to now?



Best Dentists

HONOLULU Magazine helps you find the dentist you need, whether it’s for a routine checkup or more specialized work, with this list of the best dentists in the Islands.



February Picks

Mark your calendar for a chance to meet two popular podcasters, a Broadway legend and a few comic characters.

By Christi Young


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A Moving Picture

The Honolulu African-American Film Festival, Feb. 16 to 20 this year, gives you a chance to see movies never released widely in Hawai‘i. Here’s how it got started.



Small Kid Scoops

Asato Family Shop serves creamy sherbet in nostalgic flavors from our childhood.



Quote Unquote: Floral Designer Shilhi Seibel of Passion Roots​

Shilhi Seibel started with a career in corporate events. But when she and her husband, a pastor, moved to Hawai‘i and became pregnant with their second of three children, the California native branched out by starting her floral design studio, Passion Roots. Now 10 years and a few celebrity weddings later, Seibel talks about stubborn buds, semitrucks and creating a blossoming effect in Hawai‘i.

Interview by Christi Young


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Da Meter

Gauging what’s hot and what’s not in Honolulu.



From Our Files: Vanishing Street Car Tracks

The advent of Honolulu’s new, technologically advanced fleet of Twin Coach buses signaled a new era in the city’s rapid transit system.

BY Christi Young



Surf-inspired fashions, Bliss Lau’s new jewelry collection, a local model on the rise and more.


One to Watch: Talea Lischetzki

Big Island beauty Talea Lischetzki has been taking the international fashion scene by storm, coming off an exhilarating Spring/Summer 2019 season that landed her in the Chanel and Marc Jacobs shows and posing for some of the industry’s top photographers. We talk with the model-on-the-rise about crazy castings, getting discovered at Foodland and her epic phone call with Naomi Campbell.

By stacey Makiya and brie thalmann


Field Guide

Small-Kine Kapahulu

You won’t want to miss this unique and lively block or its people. So pull over and hit the sidewalks with us.




Doughn’t You Know?

Thirteen unexpected finds at your favorite local bakeries.

By Catherine Toth Fox
HONOLULU Magazine February 2019 Cover
The dawn view from a ridge above central Kailua shows the lights of homes and businesses with the bay in the background.
PHOTO: Aaron K. Yoshino



Editor’s Page: It’s About the Destination

More road trips, please.



Inside HONOLULU: Confessions of a Kailua Resident

The challenges of capturing a story about your own hometown.



Afterthoughts: Tall People Problems

It’s lonely at the top.

By Katrina Valcourt