Fat Kid Friday: the Heavy D and Royale with Cheese


Fat Kid Friday is a video series spotlighting exuberant dishes across Oahu. Crazy, ginormous or over-the-top luxe, these are the broke-the-mouth dishes we push across the table and tell our friends, “Try this. TRY IT.”

FrankyBurgers are like people – they come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you prefer them piled a mile high with toppings and sauces or if you appreciate the simple pleasure of a grilled beef patty cradled in a soft bun, there’s plenty a reason to celebrate this classic handheld meal.


Franky Fresh puts an old school hip hop remix on enormous burgers and shakes for the 90’s kid in everyone. With names like The Marky Mark and the Fresh Prince, along with cereal milkshakes (get the Cinnamon Toast Crunch) and a sandwich with every fried finger food group under the bun, your fat kid fantasy becomes reality. Thomas loves the beefy goodness of the Royale with cheese, a.k.a. the Old School with an extra patty, while Kelli goes nuts for the mozzarella stick laden Heavy D.

– Concept and title by Brandon Lee
– Video by Mari Taketa

Franky Fresh
3040 Waialae Ave

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