Falafel and shawarma from Da Falafel King's second location

Add this to your street food eats: Da Falafel King. A long-time cart in the Waikiki Trade Center plaza, Da Falafel King recently expanded to include a blue minibus in Moiliili. The menu ($6.50-$14): falafel (of course), shawarma (grilled chicken and lamb pieces), kebab (grilled beef and lamb patty), sabich (hard boiled egg and eggplant), hummus and fried pita chips (crispy and chewy, a clear winner). Each sandwich is stuffed to the brim with your protein, then topped with red cabbage, lettuce, pickles and a fried eggplant slice, all drizzled with tahini for a piquant mouthful. The falafel is nutty, crunchy, shot through with herbs, the shawarma and kebab meat equally well-seasoned and tasty. The pita is pillowy and soft, unlike some cardboard-dry pita, but eat fast; Da Falafel King microwaves it to heat it up, and it toughens as it cools.

Sandwiches are made to order, so it can take five minutes or so to cook and assemble. Call ahead to order and for truck hours.

On S. King St. between Down to Earth and Moiliili Community Center, 291-5282