Fab Five Films of 2012

Amazingly, I’ve watched 60 movies this year, and that’s not even counting foreign releases. Just pure Hollywood product. That’s more than a movie a week, and still, there are films out there I wanted to see, but missed. So it was somewhat difficult to make a list of my favorite five films of the year. Looking back, I’m glad there was a decline in sequels and remakes and hopefully this trend will continue.

I only considered two things while selecting my Fab Five Films for the year — did the movie entertain me, and was I still thinking about it a few days after seeing it? Here are my picks. What were your favorite films of 2012? Leave a comment and let’s discuss!

Worst Five Films

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Let’s start with the five films I disliked the most. It may have been a good year for cinema, but it had its share of stinkers too. There is no order to this list because to be honest, it’s be a huge waste of time to invest any more thought into them.

“John Carter”

This film literally had me squirming in my seat, anxiously waiting for it to end so I could be released from its torture. With this and “Battleship,” it was a tough year for Taylor Kitsch. His agent should be fired immediately.

“Wrath of the Titans”

Cinematic noise. A waste of everyone’s time.

“People Like Us”

Shouldn’t a “feel good” film have characters that are likable? I couldn’t really care less if any of the characters in this film didn’t end up with the money.

“Step Up Revolution”

Now I know I’m not the target audience, but it’s obvious the filmmakers didn’t even try on this one.

“Red Dawn”

If there ever was a convincing argument to stop Hollywood remakes, “Red Dawn” would be it.