Ever Thought of Living in Your Car? This Tricked-Out Van Takes it to the Next Level

This $20,000 van looks like it could be a new tiny home.
Van outside
Photos: Craigslist


Searching for housing online can bring up some creative and entrepreneurial ideas. Like this find: For $20,000, this tricked-out van looks like it could be a new tiny home. Advertised as a custom camper surf van, this Ford E350 diesel van was previously owned by the state, according to the owner’s ad on Craigslist. It boasts a king-size captain’s bed with storage underneath, LED lighting, USB ports and four cigarette lighters that can be used for power, a refrigerator, camping stove, food and water storage, and dark tint for privacy.

  Van interior


But it is still a vehicle—it’s registered through 2018, has a current safety check and really is mobile.

  Van bed


So is it legal to live in this van? Maybe. We took a look at state law, specifically Section 291C-112, which limits uses of cars between 6 p.m. and 6 a.m. It states, “No person shall use any vehicle for purposes of habitation, whether or not the vehicle is designed or equipped for that purpose, while the vehicle is parked on any roadway, street or highway or other public property between the hours of 6 p.m. and 6 a.m.” But it then continues with “or while the vehicle is parked on private property without authorization of the owner or occupant authorizing both the parking of the vehicle there and its use for purposes of human habitation.” And, of course, there’s a whole different set of concerns related to plumbing, power and other practical questions. So, while this wouldn’t be a permanent solution for someone with nowhere to stay, it sure sounds like, if you park it on property you own or where the owner allows you to stay, it could be your tiny home away from home or fancy guest lodging.