Eating my way around San Francisco

I think my San Francisco blog posts have been mostly a mishmash of stuff,  and not totally touristy. This is because I’ve been coming here almost every year since I was a toddler, so I just come back to do other things. I got quite a few messages asking if I had been to Dosa yet, so the answer is: Yes, I have, earlier this year. If there are restaurants you want me to check out that I haven’t blogged yet, though, please let me know.

So yesterday, we hit a bunch of spots I like for shopping and eating: The Ferry Building, Jackson Market, Chinatown, Trader Joe’s, and more. I even braved the crowds to wait for a seat at Dottie’s True Blue Cafe, which was great. I forgot to take pictures of us shopping, so I hope you’re OK with seeing what we ate!

Dottie’s True Blue Cafe

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Ever since it was featured on Guy Fieri’s “Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives” last year, Dottie’s True Blue Cafe has drawn hordes of curious — and hungry — tourists. I think a small percentage of locals still frequent this place, but on any given day (except Tuesday, when they’re closed), there is a line down the street that is about an hour long.

Dottie’s True Blue Cafe

522 Jones Street

Next up: visiting LiveFyre!


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